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Translation is perhaps the simplest example of making content accessible. An article, a book, or an official document in one language is made available in another, thanks to the intervention of a translator.

Think about how many documents for internal use a company with offices in different countries has to translate, a company that wants to participate in an international call for tenders, or a start-up company that wants to file a patent. Or how many certified translations law firms need if a foreign person or a foreign resident is involved in a trial. Not to mention all the advertising or journalistic contents that are translated for the Italian public: translations are present in all aspects of our daily life.

What forword offers

We have an extensive network of native speakers that work with us and we translate all types of written texts from and into the main European and non-European languages.

We specialize in various types of texts:

  • legal, administrative, technical-scientific texts
  • ads
  • website contents
  • texts for exhibitions and shows
  • film press kits

Both the texts and the clients we work with are vastly different one from another. We translate competition notices, as for the Torino Fringe Festival 2018; we take care of the multilingual version of several websites, such as Made in Design, and we also translate technical manuals, patents and contracts for companies and multinationals, such as SCAM.

Works in the portfolio

Un panda e tre bambini sono su un ponticello in legno che attraversa un ruscello.


Audiodescrizione - Serie TV d'animazione

Su sfondo giallo,


Audiodescrizione - Serie TV

IL busto di


Audiodescrizione - Serie TV

Un uomodai lunghi capelli biondi,una donna avvolta in un telo rosso, il portale dell'India di Mombai.


Audiodescrizione - Serie TV

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