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Everyone wants to hear the original language!

Subtitles are the lines of text that appear in a portion of the screen. They are synchronized to the audio of the video and report the translation of the dialogues. Once limited to film festivals, they are now used by any broadcaster and streaming platform.

Why subtitles

Maybe everybody knows what subtitling is, but not everybody knows the actual advantages related to subtitles.

For a company that wants to promote itself in foreign markets, for example by participating in an international fair, multilingual subtitling becomes the solution to reach a wider audience, reducing the costs of video production.

For a museum subtitles are essential to appeal to foreign tourists. And they are particularly important for exhibitions that host different video contents in the same exhibition space. Thanks to the subtitles, it is possible to keep the volume of the videos low since the visitor is accompanied in listening by the text on the screen and the enjoyment of different contents at the same time is not compromised.

Even to those who intend to make a video tutorial or wish to promote themselves on social subtitles are of paramount importance. Benefits related to subtitles include an increase in views and an increase in the number of followers. Think about how many times you have had to stop watching a movie on your cell phone when you are in a public place. When a video is complete with subtitles, you do not need to: just mute the audio to continue watching it, without losing any information.

For those who want to learn a foreign language, subtitling becomes an excellent way to practice listening and understanding a speech, even if you do not know all the words used by the speaker.

Festivals and film festivals have always used subtitles as a way to enjoy films from all over the world. In this way, even small productions are made accessible to the public without incurring heavy costs.

Finally, cinemas themselves offer subtitled commercial films, aimed at an increasingly wide audience of fans who want to see the original performance of an actor on the big screen.


Whom our services are offered to

We are expert in subtitles for:

  • cinemas, festivals, and film festivals
  • independent directors and production companies
  • broadcasters
  • companies
  • exhibitions
  • social media and online platforms
  • trade fairs and conventions
  • e-learning platforms
  • interviews

Watch an example of a movie subtitled on the occasion of one of the festival that we are in charge of.

New Neighbors, by E.G. Bailey. Presented at Sundance Film Festival 2017 and TUC – Torino Underground Cinefest, 2018

For each one of our clients, we offer an effective proposal specifically designed for the project, aiming at making the video content accessible to the widest possible number of people.

Works in the portfolio

Due pugili si fronteggiano con espressioni dure. Al centro, il titolo Creed III.

Creed III

Audiodescrizione - Film

I busti di un uomo e una donna, che si danno le spalle. Sotto, il titolo: Empire of Light.

Empire of light

Audiodescrizione - Film

Fingernails – Una diagnosi d’amore

Audiodescrizione - Film

I visi di diverse persone inframmezzati da vari paesaggi. In alto, il titolo "Extrapolations"


Audiodescrizione - Serie TV

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