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Forword specializes in content accessibility. We operate in the field of audio-visual and textual translation, aiming at proposing inclusive solutions. Our clients are broadcasters, cinemas, festivals, companies, museums, and social platforms, to whom we guarantee quality, reliability, and ad hoc solutions for every type of service requested.

Audio description

Is it possible to make a movie accessible to a blind person? Of course, it is, through audio description for the blind. 

It consists of an audio track that describes the scene to those who cannot see it.

It is an interesting solution not only to make sure for the blind public to enjoy a product, but also to involve those who do not have the opportunity to watch the screen at a particular time.

Directors, production companies and museums come to us so that we can take care of the entire production process.


Subtitling is an incredible game of balances between the need for synthesis, content, and nuances of dialogues.

We are experts in subtitles for any type of video and we offer solutions in both Italian and foreign languages.

Subtitling can help a company promote itself abroad, can attract more people to a museum or increase views on a video uploaded online.

Subtitles for the deaf

Thanks to subtitles for the deaf, even a deaf person can enjoy a movie.

These subtitles have different technical characteristics compared to the standard ones, for example because they use symbols and colours. But the benefits are even more.

In addition to being an inclusive solution for the deaf community, it allows anyone with temporarily muted audio to enjoy video content.

Dialogue adaptation

By adapting dialogues, we make many television products and major streaming platforms accessible to the general public.

We also deal with the voice-over process of other types of videos for fairs, exhibitions, or social media.

Important companies choose us because we are able to take care of the entire production process.


The first way to make a foreign language text accessible is to translate it into Italian.

Thanks to our network of native speakers, we translate texts from and into the main European and non-European languages.

Whether it is a manual, a notice, or a website, we will be happy to take care of it.

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