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Audio description for the blind

Audio description is a technique that allows blind or visually impaired people to enjoy an audio-visual product as a whole.

It consists in realizing an audio track that is inserted in the pauses between the dialogues which describes elements such as facial expressions and physical characteristics of the actors, objects, geographical and temporal elements of the scene.

Cinema, tv, and exhibitions

Through the most recent MiBACT interventions, Italian production companies are increasingly required to subtitle and audio-describe films as early as the production phase, sometimes including accessibility as a constraint for financing.

If a director wants RAI (national public broadcasting company of Italy) to broadcast his/her documentary, for example, the director will have to make sure it is complete with subtitles and audio description.

But also, a museum has every interest in audio-describing their video content. Maybe the videos in an exhibition are interviews in English subtitled in Italian and then audio description becomes crucial to involve the blind public and guarantee their right to culture.

For a film to be really accessible, the audio description for the blind is also combined with subtitles for the deaf.

Who is it addressed to and what is audio-described

Once a product has been made accessible, all those who do not have the opportunity to watch a screen at a particular time because they are engaged in other activities will also be able to use the audio description. For example, have you ever tried running listening to your favourite show with your headphones?

It is possible to audio-describe any type of film, from promotional videos to art films, through interviews and corporate videos. There are no limits! And the final product can be used through different means and equipment. You can take advantage of the technology that smartphones offer or use the simplest pocket radios. For each of our clients, we form an effective and project-friendly proposal to offer solutions that are truly inclusive.

Our work

We take care of the entire production process

  • drafting
  • proofreading
  • recording in room with a speaker
  • finalization of the audio file

Here is an example of our audio descriptions, taken from the “reDISCOvery” project (by Federico Sacchi, a DOC ABOUT production)

Turn up the volume, close your eyes and dive into the listening experience!

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Works in the portfolio

Sotto il titolo: "POOR THINGS", la protagonista del film interpretata da

Poor Things!

Audiodescrizione - Film

Su una distesa di sosia di un uomo e una donna castani, il titolo della serie: "DARK MATTER".

Dark Matter

Audiodescrizione - Serie TV

Dalla testa di una giovane donna sdraiata

The First Omen

Audiodescrizione - Film

Davanti casa, in cima alle scale di legno, Dug e Carl con un mazzo di fiori in mano.

Dug Days – Carl’s Date

Audiodescrizione - Film

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