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About us

We deal with audio description, subtitling, dialogue adaptation, teaching, translations.

For us, accessibility of content is everything. Our work aims to reach a wider audience, for a truly inclusive proposal. Whether it’s making a video accessible for the blind and the deaf, subtitling a film, adapting the dialogues of a children’s cartoon, providing the translation of a text into another language… Making a product accessible makes it available to everyone, increases its visibility and broadens its distribution possibilities on the market.

We like playing with words

Words are always our core priority. Whether it’s telling what’s happening on screen to those who can’t see it, finding the right terms to describe a noise to those who can’t hear it, writing the lines of a film, synthesizing a subtitle or effectively illustrating a concept during a course.

We aim for quality

Each phase of the project is taken care of by different professionals, so that the finished work contains the strengths of each, and the result is uniform and flawless. For each product we carefully choose the words and style, adjust the register, smooth the lines and the punctuation to give the viewer a perfect result, whether it is an audio description, a subtitle file, an adapted script, or a translated text.

We believe in teamwork

Thanks to our network of collaborators we are able to manage a large amount of work ranging from audio descriptions of entire TV series to the subtitling of an entire film festival. We also make the products available for the foreign market, thanks to the mother-tongue professionals who work with us.

We are curious

We like to experiment and embark on new adventures and collaborations. We design and hold courses at universities and training institutions. We help companies, museums, and organisations to make their content more accessible. We study tailor-made solutions for festivals and film festivals.

The founders

Alice Catalano

Training and recruitment of external collaborators.

Marta Bressello

Development, customer and partner interaction and communication.

Silvia Scarpitti

Production manager and administrative manager.